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How to Hire Expert Writers for SEO Purposes

If you’ve been following SEO news carefully over the past few months, you would have noticed that Google released its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in November 2015. The guidelines are designed to help webmasters master their job and comb through the complex ranking system. While they do not simply tell you how to win at SEO… Read More »

20 Ingenious Quotes Spoken By Seth Godin

Seth Godin is my hero! He’s taught me a lot about content marketing and marketing in general. He’s taught me to be less self-centered and about me and more about my audience and what they want to hear. His concept of Permission Marketing is my blueprint and I use it everyday for prospecting and for outreaching… Read More »

How Audience Research Can Help You With Traditional Marketing

As traditional marketers, we have years of experience understanding our markets, what products and services they need/want, how to communicate best with them, and how they regard our brands, right? Well, maybe not… We have often relied on marketing research (primary or secondary), sales team feedback, customer satisfaction surveys, etc. to provide insights into those… Read More »