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How to Pass the NYSTCE CST – Social Studies (005) Test

The title of this post in long form is the New York State Teacher’s Certification Examination – Content Specialty Test – Social Studies: a four hour, mind-boggling exam that Ontario teachers taking their certification New York need to pass before becoming certified in Ontario. A very strange experience writing this test! There were 90 multiple… Read More »

Top 10 Countries Unsafe for Christians

Christianity may be one of the most prevalent religions in the world, but there are still many countries where Christian followers are being persecuted, tortured and executed because of their beliefs and followings. Mainstream media in Western Countries often under-reports such incidents, fearing that they would offend non-western cultural ideologies. This article examines the top… Read More »

Top 10 Tips to Improve Study Skills

Are you prepared to boost your results in the classroom? Improving your study habits grows easier if you are willing to put in the time and effort to get better grades. This is a commitment issue. Improve your habits through persistent effort and you can rock it out in the classroom. Take the time to… Read More »